Friday Favs :: April 10

Anna Osgoodby NYC Living :: Friday Favs :: April 10

It’s that time again.. Friday Favs! Check out what is in store for this week’s round-up.

  1. A constant argument amongst New Yorkers. What is really cheaper… Uber or Yellow Cabs? Well, luckily for you Forbes released an article this week on a mission to get to the bottom of the debate.
  2. For the last month I’ve been busy at work planning for the Tribeca Film Festival for a client and now we’re only a week out! Part of what I’ve been so busy with is planning some great social media sweepstakes that will be taking place over the next few weeks. We’re giving away everything from film screening passes, Vesey passes and even a meet and greet with Robert De Niro. So if you’re interested in attending, definitely check out VDKA 6100′s social media accounts! FacebookTwitter, and Instagram
  3. Neighbors living in NYC aren’t always pleasant.. but you will probably appreciate yours a lot more after reading this article from Thrillist. 
  4. For all you baseball fans, baseball is officially back! While it’s not my favorite sport… I am a fan of the food at the games so it’s a day worth celebrating! In fact, if the weather cooperates I’ll be heading up to Yankee Stadium this evening. Helloooo garlic cheesies! 
  5. This week One World Trade Center announced the opening date for the observation center to the public. It’s set to open on May 29th and is said to have an elevator that will take you from the ground to the 102nd floor in less than 60 seconds. 

Enjoy your Friday lovelies!