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Anna Osgoodby Life + Biz :: A PNW Seattle Based Lifestyle Blog
Anna Osgoodby Life + Biz :: A Seattle Based Lifestyle Blogger

Lifestyle Blogger | Biz Owner | Career Mentor

I'm Anna Osgoodby and I'm a creative business owner and lifestyle blogger based in Tacoma, Washington. By day, I'm in full girl boss mode running my business Bold & Pop with my seriously awesome biz bestie & Co-founder, Mallory Musante. Together we specialize in helping business owners and bloggers with their social media, branding, and Squarespace website design. By nights (and weekends) you can find me adventuring around the Pacific Northwest with my trusty weenie dog, Scooter and sharing my adventures on my blog.


Anna Osgoodby Life + Design :: Anna Osgoodby bio

Oh heyyy friends! I’m Anna Osgoodby and I’m a creative entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger based in the Seattle area. Tacoma, WA, if we’re getting really specific! I’ll take you back a few steps though because it’s been a 30-year journey to get to where I am today!

I grew up in a small town in Washington and while the views of the mountain are kind of hard to compete with, I couldn’t wait to get out and pave my own path. I started out by heading to the University of Oregon to study journalism and public relations. Going to college is always a big deal, but I was also the first in my family to attend a university so you can bet I was going to make the most of every minute of it -- which was 2 years because I graduated early.

My last quarter, I moved to Portland to finish mhy final courses and an internship program and could not wait to put my degree to work! There was just problem, I graduated rightttt in the middle of the recession. Do you guys remember that movie Post Grad, because I was convinced that was going to be my life at the time. Luckily, it wasn’t. I was the only person in my program to graduate with a job offer and while it wasn’t a job at the big fancy office I had dreamed of, it was a foot in the door. Flash-forward a year and I was given the opportunity to move to New York City to further my career. It was a quick decision, but I decided to go for it and I’m so glad I did because it was a game-changing chapter in my life.

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I boarded a flight with a one-way ticket to move 2500+ miles away to an apartment that I had never seen (that was double my rent and half the size), with a roommate I had never met, and to a city I had only been to a couple of times before. Looking back I realize how crazy this was but somehow it all worked out. At the time, I only planned on staying a year but year 2, 3, 4 and then 5 came really quick! The energy and opportunities of the city sucked me in. I was working my way up in the social media industry and repping big-name clients, building a name for myself as a lifestyle blogger, getting to go to cool events, and I even had my own apartment. Hey, it may have only been 400 square-feet, but it was my own little colorful piece of Manhattan! I had really made a life for myself and while the distance from home was always tough, my plan to move home had come and gone.

That was until 2015 when I decided I was ready for a change. For years, I had dreamt of having a career that allowed me the flexibility to spend more time on the west coast. The thing was… I couldn’t really find an opportunity like that so I decided to create one instead. Later that year, Mallory Musante and I launched Bold & Pop -- a social media, branding and web design collective that supports small businesses and bloggers. Funny enough, I never thought I wanted to be an entrepreneur but everything just kind of lined up and the timing was right to take a chance on ourselves. That first year, I spent more time in Washington than the previous 6 years combined and the flexibility was just what I needed.

Being a business owner is a wild journey and I’m pretty positive it’s the hardest personal development challenge you can ever take on. There are a lot of highs and a lot of lows (cliché but true!) and the journey has a way of getting your priorities in check. So after two years of being bicoastal I made the tough decision to close my NYC chapter and move back to Washington full-time in the summer of 2017.

Today, I live in Tacoma, Washington with my trusty senior pup Scooter and continue to grow Bold & Pop (now on both coasts)! These days, my free time is filled with much more family time and time outdoors. You could say I've really embraced the Pacific Northwest lifestyle -- hiking, kayaking, gardening, craft brews and day trips around the state are kind of my thing. This blog is my corner of the Internet to share a peek at my adventures, share my passions and projects and give others a really honest look at the lessons I learn along this messy journey we call life!



Anna Osgoodby Life + Biz :: Seattle Based lifestyle blogger
Anna Osgoodby Life + Biz :: Seattle Based lifestyle blogger
Anna Osgoodby Life + Biz :: Seattle Based lifestyle blogger

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