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Burger Bistro’s Donut Burger

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Anna Osgoodby NYC Living :: Burger Bistro’s Donut Burger

In an effort to make up for all of the lost time of eating fatty deliciousness during my pre-Jamaiaca diet, tonight I had a donut burger. Yes, a Donut BurgerBurger Bistro has had me lured in with this masterpiece over the last few months and now was the time to finally give it a shot. 

Anna Osgoodby NYC Living :: Burger Bistro’s Donut Burger

Say hello to this burger complete with a donut bun, burger topped with cheese followed by bacon and an over easy egg. Marrying my favorite breakfast foods with my other love of juicy meat goodness. I have to say, the combination worked pretty darn well too. Sweet yet the perfect balance between the saltiness of the meat and bacon.

Basically you need to try it for the mere ridiculous that is the Donut Burger. They’re only served on Wednesdays though so pen it onto your calendars!