The Blizzard of 2015

The Blizzard of 2015, the blizzard that didn’t quite end up being a blizzard in NYC. We only ended up getting a little over 6 inches and while it’s certainly a decent amount of snow, it’s not quite the 1-2 ft they were forecasting.

We did what we were told as good little New Yorkers and stocked up on some of the essentials..

One of the more exciting parts about the storm was packing this little fur ball across the city. I’m cat-sitting for my friend and I didn’t want to leave the kitty alone soooo we went for a little ride on transit before they shut it down!

Even though I’m kind of bummed we didn’t get as much snow as planned… We all made it out safe, warm and stocked up on some snacks. I’m totally still going to build a snowman on my balcony today too!