Friday Favs :: 1.23.15

  1. I absolutely loved this post I read on The Things I Learned From this week, "From living in NYC for 3 Years". It’s always so interesting to hear about how people ended up in the city to me, and while I wasn’t living at home at the time, I can surely relate to some of the things Jen mentions in this post.
  2. I’ve been working with a client that just opened a restaurant in Union Square called Darrow’s that I’m really excited about. The restaurant is focused on providing healthy, delicious and locally sourced foods around the theme of farm fresh takeout. It’s a really beautiful space and offers a dining area, juice and smoothie bar, market, and a bar — so not just the typical restaurant scene. I have to say, the menu is really awesome too! 
  3. Can everyone take a break for a second and relive what was Sunday’s Seahawks game? Actually, I’m not sure I want to repeat almost experiencing heart failure.. man was that insane! To celebrate the Hawks heading to the Super Bowl again, I wanted to share this cool company that I found out about this week. Two things I love are football and helping others and glassybaby is doing a little bit of both with their blue friday and we are 12 limited edition colors. Last year they were able to raise $58k for the Seahawks Women’s Association from a portion of the proceeds and they’re going in for a rePete (love this pun) this year! Check them out, they’re really pretty!
  4. Some potentially awesome (yet far in the future) news came into conversation this week. Governor Cuomo announced plans for a AirTrain to connect the 7 train line to LaGuardia Airport. I’m pretty excited about this news because the only public transportation to LaGuardia is a bus that picks up in Harlem and let’s just say I stick to cabs when I’m flying to and from there currently.
  5. Pope Francis is officially coming to town in the Fall. I’m Catholic, but regardless of your beliefs, I’m sure others still think it’s kind of cool he’s coming to the city. There aren’t any services confirmed yet but rumor has it there might be a mass at Madison Square Garden, now that would be a seriously huge mass.