Friday Favs :: 1.30.15

It’s been a week! Between the weather, kitty adventures, and a full schedule I am ready for the weekend! Plus, guys, it’s my Birthday + Super Bowl weekend! To say the least, I’m looking forward to a fun weekend! Before we get there though he’s a look at some of my favorite links of the week.

  1. One of my favorite sweets stop is hosting a pop-up cafe in Madison Square Park this weekend. They’ll be serving up some seasonal favorites as well as some fun options including hot chocolate made from their famous cereal milk.
  2. The Post has reported that Citi Bike is coming on up, up to uptown! The program has been very popular in lower Manhattan and it’s exciting that the Upper East and West sides will hopefully be sharing the love soon! I’d totally love to take a bike for a ride around Central Park! 
  3. The blizzard that wasn’t shutdown the city earlier this week and while we didn’t quite get the blizzard, the city was shutdown like we did. If you’ve ever wondered what an apocalyptic abandoned NYC looks like, here’s your chance.
  4. Girls’ night is right! Our favorite Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester, has announced she’ll be back in the city and it’s not for filming GG (Man, I do miss that show). This time around she’s taking the stage to sing! To be honest, I’m not really familiar with much of her music yet, but have to support our girl!
  5. Oh! Here’s another link I’m totally excited to have found this week! Racked released their list of “20 of the best Stationary Shops in New York City” Oh yeah! I LOVE me some good stationary and cards so you can bet I will be bookmarking this link for future adventures!