So That's How New Yorkers Eat Pizza..


Pizza is the fast food of New York. There are easily more pizzerias crowding the city blocks than any McDonalds, Burger King, or Wendys. At about $2-3 a slice it’s a easy and fast sell too. Like anywhere, it’s an easy and usually affordable meal option if you have a couple of friends coming over. Also note that when New Yorkers ask you if you want to order a couple of “pies” they really mean what us west coasters would just call a couple of pizzas. So when you say, “Mmm pie, I could go for some apple.” don’t be surprised when they look at you a little funny.

Another thing I recently learned too is that apparently there is also a protocol for how to eat it. I’m not sure how I managed to miss people doing this for the last 8 months, but New Yorkers often eat their pizza folded! I only noticed this the last time I got pizza with Chris when I realized he did this. When I asked him about it he thought it was strange that I didn’t fold my pizza! Maybe I’m not as good at blending in among the locals as I thought! After doing a little research I found out that a lot of New Yorkers eat their pizza folded because the pizza here generally has thin crust and is flexible, sometimes making it difficult to eat. To avoid that, people fold it in half keeping all of the toppings on the inside to prevent them from falling out. Who knew? So if you want a tip of the locals, next time try your pizza folded!