Come Get Your Credit Card Applications!


I do my best to minimize the mail I receive to help do my part for the environment. I have e-statements on all of my bank accounts and e-bills for my phone, student loans, electricity and Internet. What I can’t seem to get rid of though are these pesky credit card applications! I got my first credit card when I was 18 to help start building myself credit. My parents taught me right though in that I always pay my bill on time in full each month. Since moving here I’ve tried to take advantage of using my credit card to build up points that I can use for travel in the future. Slowly but surely I’m making my way. Too bad I can’t put my rent on my credit card.. I’d be flying around the world in a matter of months! All kidding aside, I’ve been a responsible credit card holder and have done a good job of building a solid credit score for my age. 

Since moving here, the credit card applications have been flooding my mailbox! I don’t know how to make them stop! The above picture is the amount of applications I received in a week, one week! That’s 8 for the 6 days of the week we get mail. Like I said, I’ve been responsible with my credit card thus far but I can definitely see how people could get themselves in trouble, especially in a city like this. A little shopping trip down park avenue anyone?