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New York, This is Goodbye
Anna Osgoodby Life + Design :: New York, This is Goodbye

So, BIG news over on the blog today. It's with a lot of excitement/tears/let's be real... alllll of the feels that I announce I've decided to say farewell to NYC. It's been a really tough decision and one I've gone back and forth in my head for years on. After almost 7 years in the city and 10 years living out of state though, it's time to get back to my roots.

Personally, I think what's even scarier than making a decision is actually living through the pain and heartache of the process. It's often not the decision that holds us back, ultimately we know what we want, but actually living through the process to make that decision a reality that is so tough. Especially when others are involved. I hate hurting or disappointing others and this one is a double whammy on all accounts.

Year after year, I tried, and semi-successfully, convinced myself that I could be 100% happy in NYC. And I really thought I could be. After all, I'd built an awesome life, had the most amazing people in my life, and things had really lined up the way I wanted. Especially after I started my own business and was able to go coast-to-coast more. Instead of feeling content with the back and forth though, I just found myself yearning for more time. Those what ifs and thoughts of future regret will crush you though, and sometimes you just can't convince your head and your heart that you want the same thing.

I will forever be thankful for all of my time in the city and this will always be a chapter I'll look back on fondly. I've taken risks. I've loved. I've grown. I've met some of my absolute favorite people. I've both lost and found myself. This city has shaped the person I've become so much and it's going to be really tough to say goodbye.

So what's next? A hot date with a lot of moving details and 2,800 miles to think about if I made the right decision. Truthfully though, while I'm both sad and nervous, I am also really excited for the future. I'm excited to keep expanding my business at Bold & Pop, I'm excited for new adventures (and a lot more outdoors!), I'm excited to drive again, I'm excited to reconnect with some of my best friends, and most of all I'm excited to be a few minutes vs a 6-hour flight home from family. 

Washington, I'm coming home for keeps.

Devil Baby Attack

Today, I am very thankful to not have been one of these poor New Yorkers that came face-to-face with the devil baby. The prank has been taking New York by storm as a part of a promotion for the movie, Devil’s Due, which I most definitely will not be seeing. I can’t handle horror movies but whether I see it or not, I’m still writing about nonetheless — you’re welcome marketing team. With over 23 million Youtube hits on the video too, I’d say they’re doing a pretty good job of hyping the movie.

So anyways, enjoy a good laugh at the mercy of these poor people.

Polar Vortex

Don’t worry guys, I’m not frozen.. yet! The polar vortex has made its way to NYC and boy is it cold! Nothing near the coldness the Midwest has been facing though, so can’t complain too much. But, if you see on the news they’ve found Sasquatch in Manhattan it’s probably just me with my furry hat on and lots of layers on ;-)