Sweet Revenge

Since moving here, I’ve learned that New York has a thing for cupcakes. In the last couple of years I feel like cupcakes have become a trend across the nation. From weddings, local cupcake shops to shows like Cupcake Wars they are making a name for themselves. New Yorkers seemed to have completely jumped on board with this trend too with their already well known bakeries like Crumbs and Magnolia to up and comers like Baked by Melissa. I’m going to have to join the crowd on this trend too because there is nothing like a good cupcake!

A couple months ago a friend told me about this place called Sweet Revenge. It’s the only cupcake bar in the city that serves cupcakes paired with wine or beer (your choice). I finally had a chance to check it out with a couple of my friends and wanted to share my experience!

(pictures courtesy of Darcy Strobel)

It’s located down in the trendy West Village on Carmine Street. The West Village is such a cool and quaint (and also very expensive) part of the city. No wonder it is highly populated with the homes of celebrities! It’s also the home to plenty of cute and usually small restaurants. Every place I’ve eaten at in the West Village I have enjoyed and I think it has been because of the small, homey feeling. Small and homey aren’t two words that you would generally think to describe New York, but I have to say you’d be surprised. 

Sweet Revenge expressed the persona of a small coffee shop, only having a small bar and a couple of tables. We lucked out and scored a table right as a couple of people were leaving. The menu was one page full of decadent cupcakes and desserts. We came to find out that they only actually serve 4 of their classic cupcakes and then two of the specialty menu each day. That gives you the option of 6 different cupcakes, which are paired with their choice of wine or beer on the back of the menu. 

I ended up going a little off the beaten path and decided to switch up their suggested pairing and try a frozen wine granita instead. I wasn’t disappointed in my choice! For my cupcake choice, I along with my roommate, but tried the classic Sweet Revenge cupcake which was Peanut Butter Cake, Ganache Filling with Peanut Butter Fudge Frosting. I’m licking my lips just thinking about it!

Sweet Revenge was a really nice switch-up from other cupcakeries in the city and I’d definitely recommend it was a afternoon out with the girls! Although I’m sure the men would enjoy it as well!

The cupcakes run around $3 and the wine around $10-13 a glass, which I felt was a fair price for the experience. One of kind in the city!