So You Want to Move to NYC :: Getting Settled

Anna Osgoodby NYC Living :: So You Want to Move to NYC :: Moving to New York City Guide -- Getting Settled

We’ve made it to the end of my moving series with FlatRate Moving! Phew! We’ve made it through all of the tough stuff and now you can let the fact that you indeed live in NYC now! Oh heyyy, let that sink in for a minute or two. ;-)

Once you start to get your things unpacked here’s a couple of things to get squared away before you can be completely done with the moving process.

Update Your Address: If you haven’t already, make sure to change your address so your mail from your old address starts coming to your new home. You can do this super easily these days on the USPS website.

Electricity and Gas Services: ConEd manages the electricity/gas in buildings in NYC. I’m not positive if they cover every part of the city but every building I’ve lived in has been managed by ConEd. Give them a ring and let them know you’ve moved in so that they can start your billing and make sure your services aren’t interrupted.

Cable Services: If possible, I suggest setting this up before you move so you don’t get hit with a week or two wait, but find out your cable options and give them a call to set your services up. Every building I’ve lived in has been managed by Time Warner, but make sure you check because you might also be able to get services through Verizon FiOsDISH orRCN.

Make Copies of Your Keys: Some apartments allow you to change the top lock on your apartment. The building usually just requires that once you change the lock you make an additional copy and provide it to your Super in case they need to fix things while you’re out. 

Get Familiar with the Garbage/Recycling: Your building should have a designated spot where you’ll drop off your garbage and recycling. The city has several garbage and recycling days that your building has to adhere to. Usually you will put your things in the appropriate areas and then the building will take care of putting it on the sidewalk. When you move you’re probably going to have a lot of extra boxes. Be a peach and break down the boxes and then tape them together flat. Your Super will appreciate it. Also, if you decide you don’t have a use for a piece of furniture or any large items make sure to contact your Super. There’s different protocol and days that large items go out and the building can be fined if it’s not done right so make sure to follow the rules!

Anna Osgoodby NYC Living :: So You Want to Move to NYC :: Moving to New York City Guide -- Getting Settled

And that should do it! Once you have all of those things taken care of it’s onto actually living here and my personal favorite… DECORATING!!! 

A big thank you to all of you who have tuned in for my series! I’ve had so much fun sharing my tips and I hope that it’s been helpful! Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions about the moving process or anything else about living in NYC.