Adding Mid-Century Modern Flair

Anna Osgoodby Life + Design :: Adding Mid-Century Modern Flair

Coming off of the end of my moving series it only seems appropriate that I shared a little decor inspiration, right?! That’s what I thought too! Which is why when the crew over at Chairish reached out to me with a design challenge, you know I couldn’t say no! 

Living in a rental can be a little challenging with design sometimes because you have more restrictions in terms of what you can do. Simple things like painting and fixtures are generally out of the picture so you have to get a little bit more creative with your furnishings to highlight your space. Not to mention you don’t always want to buy pieces that might not work in a future space. 

So what’s a renter to do? Focus on the things you can customize and have fun with your space! Whether you’re going to be there a year or 5+, I think it’s so important to make a space your own and make it really feel like home. There are so many awesome ways to get inspiration these days too! Whether it’s blogs, design magazines (like my favorite HGTV magazine), TV, Pinterest, there are so many great options to get ideas from for a starting point! Take a look around and get a good idea of what really is or isn’t your style.  

My advice is to find some key pieces that are versatile. I love color and pattern, but I’d prefer to buy a neutral couch that I can jazz up with different pillows than something too crazy that I might not like as much a few years down the road. By mixing neutrals in with statement pieces, you can really make a space your own.

My style tends to be bold and colorful. To me, there’s nothing better than walking into a fun and brightly decorated space. For this reason, I picked out some fun key pieces from Chairish’s Mid-Century collection for my inspiration board to bring out color as well as some texture. Something I really like about mid-century design is it’s pretty structured with clean lines, which makes it easy to work into your design no matter what your style is. 

Anna Osgoodby NYC Living :: Adding Mid-Century Modern Flair

Atomic Geometric Print | Tufted Sofa | Industrial Painted Bar Cart | Bar Stools | Mori Shizume- New York Skyline Silkscreens | Yellow Ceramic Pendant | Vintage Liquor Bottles | Lucite Barware Set 

I picked the neutral blue couch because I love the tufting on it along with the color. Pair it with some fun throw pillows and a faux fur along the back and the couch would be the perfect spot to get cozy on! Plus, it’s big enough to double as a bed if you’re living in a studio like I am in the city. Next up, I picked the awesome geometric chair. I love the coloring and pattern on this one and think it would be the perfect statement piece for a living room. With bold throw pillows and the chair, I’d probably suggest rounding out the space with simple coffee tables and a neutral rug.

Another trend I refuse to get over is bar carts. My bar cart continues to be one of my favorite pieces in my studio and I love the industrial flair that this one from Chairish has. Bar carts are so much fun because you can display fun glasses (which I totally have a glass buying addition – yes, that’s a real thing) along with all of your party essentials. I just think it’s such a fun way to display your things, no matter what they on such a timeless piece.

My last set of choices include the bar stools, which are perfect for city living. Space is tight and chances are you probably won’t have room for a full dining room table so bar stools can be perfect for your built in bar or if you have a pub table. Wrap it all together with some other fun mid-century accessories and your apartment is already on its way to looking colorful and fabulous! I hope this sparks a little home decor inspiration for you or gets you thinking about your style!