PDX Roomies Unite!

Last week my good friend, and old PDX roommate, called me to let me know she would be heading up to New York for the weekend! Her boyfriend has been in the city for the last few weeks for work so she decided to come up to visit! I couldn’t have been more excited because I haven’t seen her since I moved from Portland nearly two years ago to the month.  The last time I visited PDX last June, she had just taken a job in Chicago, and then I missed her while I was on a business trip in Chicago because my trip was just too short. So you can imagine how excited I was for her to be visiting New York! For her first time too! 

We decided that the perfect reunion would involve all things fun and girly. Things that make up most men’s nightmares… I can only tell the truth. So what kind of adventures does that entail? Well, after meeting at her hotel we headed to the West Village in search of the Sex and the City apartment! After taking in the calming and adorable neighborhood in the city, we stumbled right upon the apartment on Perry Street! 

You wouldn’t have been able to pick it out from the others except for the fact there is a no trespassing sign hung on the bottom on the stairs. It sounds like too many tourists were sitting on their steps and taking pictures. It is someone’s residence after all. Not a cheap one either. The property sold for over 9 million earlier last year. No one was on the street while we passed by so we snapped a quick phone picture and scurried off.

We continued to make our way up through the village and stumbled upon the cutest little farmer’s market. The produce stands were over-flowing with fresh seasoned fruit, it looked so good it was almost impossible to resist. We ended up scoring a deal from one of the local growers on some of their fresh currant apple juice for only $1! It was such a unique blend of flavors I wish I could drink it every morning! After the farmer’s market we continued north and passed by the cutest little bakery called Empire Cake. We planned on finding somewhere to sit down for brunch, but they had these adorable heart shaped raspberry linzers that we just couldn’t resist!

Our next destination was to walk by Kleinfield Bridal. My friend previously worked for a wedding planner and is really big into events so we had to hit up all of the famous locations that fit into our girly category of a day. The store is actually the location where “Say Yes to the Dress" on TLC is filmed. You can’t go in there unless you have an appointment, but it was pretty cool to walk by!

Our next stop was a short subway ride away to midtown to visit the Tiffany & Co.. I’m aware it isn’t the only one in the country, but it really is the Tiffany’s that’s featured in all of our cheesy chick flicks, Sweet Home Alabama anyone? Did I mention it is 6 stories?! 6 stories of diamonds! Every girl’s dream, right? And yes, we visited every floor. If you know my friend, you can understand. Tiffany’s is truly this girl’s Disneyland. She couldn’t have been more excited!

After our trip to Tiffany’s we had one last destination to complete our girly day. One that we decided the boys could handle though ;-) Neither of us had met the other’s significant other so we decided lunch was the perfect time to meet up. We headed north from Tiffany’s, past the Plaza hotel and into Central Park to The Loeb Boathouse. Another classic location for movies! One of my favorites, 27 Dresses, had a scene there! We were truly like to giddy little girls, but the boys didn’t mind too much! We ended up getting a beautiful table for 4 right next to the balcony that overlooked the water! We really could not have lucked out any more. Lunch and drinks were fantastic, and the atmosphere and company could not be beat! We really couldn’t have had a better visit! Next, it’s my turn to visit them at their new apartment in North Carolina!