Mama Duck Saw Night 1...

We made it! Across the park, geared up, (Good thing Mama Duck got a Yankees shirt for Mother’s Day!) to Chris’ apartment, and headed for the Bronx! I always tell people I don’t go above 117th street (where Target is) which is mostly true, except for the two times I’ve gone to the Bronx. 

It was my second trip to the Bronx and I knew exactly what I needed in my and my mom’s life, garlic cheesy fries! Don’t tell Chris, but the REAL reason I like Yankees games isn’t actually the baseball, but the fries… it will be our little secret ;-) 

The game was a lot of fun and we had great seats — Thank you Chris!

I mentioned before that I’ve never been to a Mariners game, and my mom let me know that apparently Yankees games and Mariners games don’t compare. You see, at Yankees games, the stands are packed every night, the fans are loud, and they close the games with Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York”. Seattle, I love you, but there are some things that will never be the same as New York I’m finding. 

The game was good fun and all, but it was the 4th inning and I needed to find myself some of those garlic cheesy fries! Don’t worry, we found them.. Nom, nom..

Aw, there they are! I think I need to go back to another game after seeing this picture again… Okay, back to the topic, baseball. Oh yes, baseball. The Yankees kicked some Toronto Blue Jay butt and my mom’s newest obsession with Mariana Riviera aka “The Saver”. Throughout the game my mom went back and forth with Chris and I on what player’s t-shirt she should get. A-rod? Well, he may be an ex-Mariner but his last name is tricky to say. Jeter? All of the little Wilkeson boys would chant Jeter the Cheater. After Riviera saved the Jays from scoring again, we all agreed he was the one to get. 

After a great Yankees win and Frank Sinatra leading us out of the stadium we were headed back to my hood. We decided Mustang was a good place to get a bite to eat and their delicious Texas Teas. Mmm they are good! After a couple drinks we were ready to hop back in bed and get some rest before day 2 rolled around!