Mama Duck Saw Day 1...

And in a short few hours I was back awake and on my way to work. Lucky for my mom, she got to sleep in and sleep away her long day 0 of traveling. It worked out well too because I got off work early at 3 for the holiday weekend. So by the time my mom slept in, got ready and was out and about it was just about time for me to be off work.

Once my mom was up and about she tried taking little Scooter out on a walk down by the river. Little did I know that he would try and play tricks on her… like sitting down in the middle of the street! Or trying to get out of his collar! Tricky little doggie… Mama duck managed to handle the little pup though and make it back to the apartment without a lost or squished dog.

After my mom’s walk with Scooter my mom was off to getting ready and out into the Upper East Side to fend for herself. Luckily it was close to the time I was getting off work so I gave her directions to hop on the bus across town and to my office. I’m so proud of her too because she made it all the way there all by herself! Did I get 3 or 4 calls and a couple texts along the way? Well, yes.. but she still made it! 

Next, I got to show my mom around our offices and my desk, along with meeting some of the people I work with.

Now we were onto the realllll fun stuff, the holiday weekend! 3 solid days of time to adventure to some of my favorite places in the city. Destination 1? Alice’s Tea Cup of course! I know I talk about it alllll the time, but it really is THAT good. We walked to the Upper West Side location from my office and boy was it worth it. We ended up sitting down and getting iced tea along, two different kinds of berry scones, and splitting their curried chicken salad sandwich. It was all fantastic — as usual! The perfect way to kick of the weekend if I don’t say so myself. My mom loved it too, so destination 1 was a success!

Next, we were headed back to the East Side through Central Park. It was a beautiful day. About 85 and not too humid at all (although my mom would beg to differ) how about, not as humid as July. I love Central Park because I feel like I can take a different path each time, and see different sites each time. We climbed up on some of the rocks around the lake and enjoyed a great view of the rowboats and the city peaking over the park.

It was lovely! We took in the views for awhile and then headed east back to my apartment because we had to make it back, walk Scootie, change, and head back out the door to meet Chris to head to a Yankees game for the evening!