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Mama Duck Saw Day 2...

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Day 2! Day 2 was a special day too, because it was GAME DAY! Even more special than game day? It was our first Ducks football game of the season! Chyeahhhh. So what do you do on the first day of the season, and well every Saturday until Thanksgiving? Wear duck gear of course. So that is exactly what we did before anything else.

After our duck gear was accomplished we were headed downtown towards a street faire! One of my favorite things in the summer. I introduced my mom to her first Mozzareppa — mozzarella cheese in between two cornmeal pancakes cooked to perfection! Through the street faire we made our way to other touristy locals,

Rockefeller Center, down to Ground Zero, Century 21, Bryant Park, and the New York Public Library. They all looked a little bit different than the last time my mom was here in the dead of winter! A little hotter too…

It should also be noted that my Mom almost didn’t make it through the rest of her trip (literally) after trying to take a photo of a sea of taxis. Don’t worry, she made it out alive though. Luckily.. just in time to head uptown on the bus and to the Harley store before making it home.

As soon as we made it home I was out for the count though. Mama Duck wore me out walking the city! So it was time for a quick nap before the night was ready to begin. And by night, I mean off to the duck bar for some good old college football! The bar ended up being even more crowded than normal though.. so we ended up heading to the neighborhood Brother Jimmys, a southern country bar. Wanted to make my mom feel right at home of course. It was a fun night, we ended up losing :( BOOOO LSU, but it happens.. or it happened once. Not again this season!