Friday Favs :: 2.20.15

NYC Living :: Friday Favs 2.20.15

I’m so thankful it’s Friday! After working 11 days in a row with my day job, I realllyyyy needed a weekend to slow down a little bit, and sleep in! So here’s a look at some of my favorites from the week!

  1. One of my favorite blogs to read Kelly in the City posted about this really cool one-second-a-day video her husband made over the last year and I really love the concept! It seems like such an awesome way to look back on your year day-by-day at the significant and maybe insignificant parts that sometimes get forgotten. Check out her post on the video and if you’re inspired to make your own, you can do so through the 1 Second Everyday app!
  2. The plunging temps in the city this week — including the wind chills of -20 last night — have turned the city into Elsa’s winter wonderland and the people aren’t the only ones freezing. Turns out the fountain in Bryant Park got a little bit of the icy treatment this week too. 
  3. Okay, one more thing about the cold weather and then I swear I’m done ;-) The temps have been so low that there have been Snowy Owls spotted in the city! Owls that normally live in the arctic! Thanks "Siberian Express" air, NYC is colder than Antarctica and attracting arctic animals now. Now how do we get some penguins up here?!
  4. Want to feel really broke for a second? Check out these digs. This 1-bedroom Upper East Side apartment is renting out for more per month than most houses cost. For a pretty penny of 300k a month, you too can live in this 1200 square foot apartment penthouse at The Surrey
  5. Miss P has been on a tour of NYC since winning Best in Show earlier in the week in the city. She celebrated with some steak, met Michael Kors and even went to the top of the Empire State Building! I’d say the pup is having a good week!