Friday Favs :: 2.13.15

Time for some of my favorite links of the week, Friday the 13th edition. Anyone else superstitious like me?! Needless to say, I think I’ll be keeping it low-key today! ;-)

  1. First things first, one of my favorite things of the week is this faux fur hat from Soho Girl because we’re supposed to hit a nice wind chill of -10 to -20 today… Ohh NYC in the winter. So if you live here.. are visiting.. or are just dreaming about the city, put one of these babies on!
  2. Personally I don’t actually know a ton of people that actually have New York accents, but this NPR article suggests that the accent might be on its way out. While I’m no linguist I can certainly see how this could happen in a city so diverse with transplants from all over the world.
  3. Something alluring to me about the city is the amount of history it holds. There’s so many stories, change and yet preservation that has taken place in many New York buildings and apartments and I’ve always found it fascinating. Which is why I thought this article From Thrillist on buildings that have been converted into New York apartments was pretty awesome. The apartments aren’t too shabby either!
  4. THIS donut. A seriously awesome NYC Instagram account I follow, EatingNYC posted this maple waffle donut from Underwest Donuts and I kind of need to have it in my mouth ASAP. Maple, waffle, and donuts..?? 3 of my favorites combined. Done.
  5. And finally… it’s a busy weekend in NYC. It’s the NBA All Star Week, New York Toy Fair (where I’ll be working all weekend), and most notable Fashion Week. My last point is on the latter. I’m not huge into fashion week.. but the story about Jamie Brewer being the first model with Down Syndrome to walk in fashion week struck me. Mad props to Carrie Hammer for continuing to pick her models based on the theme “Role Models, Not Runway Models”. I think it’s pretty phenomenal that she’s used her platform to highlight people who might not fit the typical catwalk model.