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When NYC is Colder than Antarctica

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NYC Living :: When NYC is Colder than Antarctica

It’s one thing to bundle up for the winter, it’s a whole other thing to bundle up for an arctic blast. While I realize there are certainly much colder parts of the country (I don’t know how they do it!) I imagine most people spend less time outside than city dwellers. Unless you have the means to jump in and out of cabs, you’re going to spend a lot of time walking back and forth and waiting for transit. And trust me, the first time you get blasted with icy wind when you hit the next avenue, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. 

NYC Living :: When NYC is Colder than Antarctica

So what’s the key to surviving New York when it turns into Antarctica? Which, just in case you’re keeping track.. the city is actually currently colder than most of Antarctica right now. Yes, really.

NYC Living :: When NYC is Colder than Antarctica
  • Vests: Vests are your friend when the wind chills head south on the mercury. Bonus if they are puffy vests or faux fur lined. You may look like a snowman but fashion goes out the door for me (clearly I’m not at fashion week this week) when it’s this cold and vests really make the difference.
  • Layer it up: I’ve talked about how I’m a fan of fleece-lined tights before and these are perfect for surviving arctic blasts. I wear a lot of dresses and skirts so wearing these are essential when it’s this cold. They can be great to layer under jeans too if your workplace is casual. The wind bites right through your clothes, so the more layers the better in my opinion.
NYC Living :: When NYC is Colder than Antarctica
  • Sunglasses: This may sound a little strange, talking about the sun when I’m talking about it being frigid outside… but it’s the coldest on clear days without any clouds to warm up the air! Not only will your shades protect your eyes but if you wear the over-sized style like I do, they also cover a decent amount of your face, protecting it from the wind.
  • Hand Warmers: These guys are amazing when you’re waiting for the bus (which I do often). Shake, shake, shake and have a toasty little haven for your hands during your commute! 
  • MTA Bus Time: It’s not an app yet, but definitely bookmark this website if you plan on taking the bus. The website tracks the buses based upon the stops, so it’s a great way to plan when you head to the stop because let’s be honest, the time schedule isn’t that reliable. It’s gotten much better over the last 6 months too so I definitely recommend it.

Stay warm out there everyone! And if you’re looking for some more winter tips for the city, check out my past post How to Survive a NY Winter.