New York's Take on Markets

Take Seattle’s Pike Place Market, add in a taste of Portland’s Pearl District, and a little New York flavor and you end up with Chelsea Market. We ventured down to Chelsea in search of some fresh milk goodies, and stepped into the Chelsea Market. Which, just so happens to be across from the Google offices, although you really can’t tell from the outside of the building. The complex was built in 1890, and was the house of several bakeries all the way into the late 1950’s. After the bakeries headed out of Chelsea, there were listings of a few other industrial operations before the area became a graveyard of old factories throughout the 19070’s and 80’s. By the time the 1990’s rolled around, technology firms started to re-rent out the upper space in the market and eventually the market was renovated to house different stores.

Today, the market houses retailers like Amy’s Bread, Anthropologie, Chelsea Wine Vault, and a variety of local bakeries, dairies, and restaurants.

The really cool thing about Chelsea Market is that is still very much has the old industrial feed. The renovations tried to presserve and keep that general feel in the building. Chelsea really does remind me a lot of Portland’s Pearl District, because of the industrial vibes and cobblestone streets.

We adventured through the market stores and through the flea market that is also there. We made the mistake of getting bagels before heading to the market, not knowing what to expect. There ended up being so many delicious fresh food options there though that I wish we would have skipped the bagels! Next time!

They also had a really cool store there called the Chelsea Market Baskets that had an idea I thought was brilliant. Basically, they offer all local New York products and you can go through and pick what you would like and then they make gift baskets out of everything. Such a smart idea! They had every gift opportunity covered too, which was really cool. 

Finally, we headed to the one place I wanted to visit, Ronnybrook Dairy. The actual dairy is located upstate New York, but they ship in fresh products. We decided we weredefinitely in the market for some delicious milkshakes, and that is just what we got. I decided to be a little different and try their blueberry milkshake. Yummy! One of the other cool things about the market is that is really feels like a classic market. Most of the stores make their products on-site, and they are very big about all natural products. From their farms to your lunch plates. 

Chelsea Market, I will see you again soon!