Back to the Earth with BareBurger

There are few foods in this world that I love more than a nice juicy burger. And I’ve only met one person who loves and appreciates burgers as much as I do. That person being Chris. Case and point, my idea of a the perfect Valentine’s Day date? Burgers.. let’s make that two years in a row! Ha.

The great thing about New York? There are tons of burger places! What can be that different about burgers restaurant to restaurant? Well, I am here to tell you just that!

Let me introduce you to BareBurger. So funny story actually about how we found out about it. A burger joint Chris used to order from pretty regularly actually referred us there, just don’t tell her boss ;-)

It doesn’t take much for me to agree to check out a new burger place, so I didn’t know too much about the restaurant before we headed there. It ended up being a really cool place with kind of an industrial “Portland” kind of feel. Once there, we soon realized that  the “bare” in their name actually related to their mission of providing all fresh, all natural and organic foods. 

I’m not really big on buying green and organic products, so this wasn’t a huge draw for me to the restaurant, but it was a cool factor. All of their meats come from all grass-fed and free-range animals too, so that is nice to know that the animals had humane treatment.

I saw homemade root beer on the menu and couldn’t say no… and Chris quickly followed with that order decision as well. For lunch, I ordered their Maple Bacon CheeseBarBurger with their Bison burger. Normally, we don’t have the option to choose the type of meat, so this was a cool factor. Plus, I was feeling a little adventurous to try a bison burger for the first time. Other unique burger options they have are lamb, wild boar, elk, bison, or even ostrich. 

I’m not entirely sure if it was the bison, the organic ingredients, or more likely, a combination of them both but the burger was fantastic! We also ordered a side of their onion ring and fry baskets and I must say they were some of the best onion rings I’ve ever had. My only pet peeve about burger places in New York is that burgers do not normally come with fries or any sides. You usually have to order them separately, which racks your bill up a little. 

Regardless, BareBurger was definitely a success and I will definitely be back there for more! Maybe I’ll try some elk or the wild boar next time!