Bowling Strikes at Brooklyn Bowl

Anna Osgoodby Life + Design :: Brooklyn Bowl

I’ve heard so much about how awesome Brooklyn Bowl is and I finally made it out there! Bowling was a go-to activity growing up and now that I don’t get to go as often I get so excited to go when I do! We went there to celebrate a friend’s birthday and had such a fun time! 

(PS: Had to borrow pics from online — a lot of mine turned out terrible since it’s so dark in there!)

When you walk in, The building has the old bones of an ironworks factory that has been re-done (and L.E.E.D certified for my eco’s) and decorated with the vibe of an old carnival. SO fun!

Once we secured our lanes we headed into the bowling portion, where our shoes were delivered to us and we plopped down on their tufted leather couches (which were super comfy by the way). Definitely a different level of service than you’re used to at an old bowling alley! After that the drinks starting flowing and we got our bowl on! The only thing that was kind of lacking was the cheesy graphics that come on the screen after you get a spare or strike! I didn’t think those added much to the game, but I must say I missed their cheesy-little selves!

After we’d bowled for a little bit we had worked up an appetite. Generally I wouldn’t tie good food and bowling together, but their food was fantastic! Like, I’d go back just to eat good. The only thing that got  a little messy was eating wings followed by sticking your fingers in bowling balls — good thing they had wet wipes! It really was delicious though and we ordered pretty much one of everything on the menu. Don’t worry, there was a lot of us ;-)

Not only is it a bowling alley and restaurant, the venue is also a concert hall! And not just for small names either, Guns N’ Roses, Snoop Dogg, and Kanye West have all played there. None of them were there on the night we were there, but there was live music while we were bowling which was pretty different and cool. 

When we were done bowing we hung out for awhile and listened to the bands too. All and all, a really awesome place! Since there’s a little something for everyone! Plus you can just go there for food and a concert without bowling if you want. :)