Happy Halloweeney!

Happy Halloween everyone! This year I tried a little something outside of the carving pumpkin box, which let’s be honest, I’m not very good at the carving part to begin with. Instead of playing with the guts of the pumpkin — okay, that part is fun — I decided to get out the Mod Podge, wrapping paper and paint!

The process is super simple! I cut up pieces of some leftover wrapping paper and newspaper I had. Then just use a sponge brush and cover the whole pumpkin with pieces, one by one with Mod Podge. To finish off the project, I decided to paint the stem of the pumpkins white.

And wa lah! You get this little masterpiece! It’s not perfect, but I like it and it goes with my patterned theme in the apartment very well!

I also decided it would be fun to do the same process with newspaper :) I spy Bloomerg and Ian Somerhalder!

And there you have it, my DIY of the day! Enjoy the holiday everyone! :)