Banksy Takes on New York

During the month of October, UK street artist Banksy has taken to the streets of New York for a residency. Much to the dismay of Bloomberg and the police force that is — who have vowed to take down Banksy for vandalism. It turns out a lot of New Yorkers have sided with Banksy though, enjoying his daily installations throughout the city. Whether you like his work, or side with Bloomberg, his residency has caught the city’s attention and has people talking.

Earlier in the month, he sold original pieces of his artwork as a street vendor in Central Park for $60 a piece, simply titled “spray art”. Pieces that mind you auction easily for 6 figure prices! It turns out only 3 people took advantage of the heavily discounted originals. 

Here’s a look at some of his other installations, one of which is near my office on the Upper West Side.

If you’re interested in more info about his pieces, check out this cool interactive map Metro NY did of the locations he’s hit.