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Anna Osgoodby Life + Design :: DIY Halloween Costume Elle Woods

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays! I’m not big on scary movies or haunted houses, but I do love all of the costumes, treats and decor! Hello pumpkins! 

After talking with some of my friends about the holiday and realizing no one really had set plans yet I decided it was time to plan a Halloween party for some of my closest friends!

Thanks to Pinterest I found so many wonderful decor ideas that I adapted with a little Anna flare!

I decided my color themes, in addition to the traditional orange and black, were going to be silver and gold. Instead of carving pumpkins I decided to take my metallic paints to my mini pumpkins and then I added some sparkle gems with a hot glue gun {All found at Michaels}.

I love how these little cuties turned out and since I didn’t carve them I’m hoping they can stick around into the Thanksgiving season.

Next up, I made some cute little toilet paper bats. These little guys were pretty easy to make and just involved some toilet paper/paper towel rolls, some paint and paper. I picked up a variety of different sheets of glitter paper {also from Michaels} and finished them off with a little more silver and gold paint.

After some of my key decorations were made it was time to get going on my costume! This year I decided to play a tribute to my favorite movie Legally Blonde and dress up as Elle Woods and then dress up Scooter as Bruiser Woods! Compared to some of my past DIY costumes, this one was actually pretty simple. 

If you’ve seen Legally Blonde you know that Elle is very pink! Of course dressing in all pink isn’t really enough to be distinguished as the character so I took on a few props. First, I ordered a pink graduation cap, which were legit so I’m totally jealous of what schools actually graduate in pink! Once I got my cap, I got some pink glitter letters and spelled out Harvard Class of 2004 on the cap and added some extra bling and a bow for a little something extra!

Other than my cap, I wore a pink dress and pink wedges — both of which I already owned. I finished off the look with a Harvard University print-out that I made pink and glued to a folder and then a pink cozie for my drinks of the night. 

For Scoots, I ordered a pink doggie polo and used the same letters to spell out Bruiser and then I made a little “B” tag for his collar that I also added a little bling too. 

Pretty easy and I think it turned out pretty good!

Now onto the rest of my party! I styled my bar cart with a print-out I made, some festive orange cupcakes, fun skull and spooky paper straws, and some Happy Hallo-weiner napkins my Aunt Di sent me last year.

I only added some red wine into the decanter to kind of look like blood.

On the bar, I hung a silver and gold pumpkin banner and put some of my pumpkins on display.

Now, no Halloween party post would be complete without a look at my guests’ costumes though! So here you go!

I hope you all had as much fun on Halloween as I did!