Aspen Social Club

Recently we headed downton for a friend’s Birthday party at a bar called the Aspen Social Club down near Times Square. Being right by Times Square I didn’t really know what to expect because it is an area filled with tourists at all hours of the day and night. Typically, if you ask any New Yorker it’s an area that people avoid at all costs, unless they work there. That being said the nightlife near there doesn’t have the best of reputation always. 

Stepping into Aspen Social Club was exactly as the name suggests, like walking into a lodge in Aspen. Animal horns (probably fake) mounted, wood wrapped walls and ceilings, and dimly lit (more so than the photos). 

The crowd there was a little less skier type than say a real Aspen club would have been and a little bit more Jersey Shore. That may be a generalization I place on girls barely wearing dresses with dark fake tans and guys with gelled overly spiky hair, but that gives you some kind of visual. 

The front part of the bar connects to a candle lit hallway with seating into another large room that was used as a dance floor. The ceiling was so cool looking with antlers (again, probably fake) wrapped in with the light fixtures.

Overall it was an okay place to go. The drinks were well out-priced while tasting pretty awful along with the bartenders being pretty rude made me second guess this place. Really, the decor was the saving grace of this place. I think I might have enjoyed it better for a Happy Hour or dinner rather than a crowded night out. I’d give it a B- at best.