Southern Hospitality

You all know my new found love for brunch and I’m always looking for a new place to check out. Recently that “new place” was Southern Hospitality on the Upper East Side. Since we went to Lowcountry about a month ago I’ve been craving some more southern food. I’ll admit while I’ve never actually visited the south I can tell just from the New York impression that they have some mean cooking down there. In fact, I wouldn’t mind a visit to try out some real authentic grits. Until then, my city grits will have to do.

Southern Hospitality is deemed by my friends as “Justin Timberlake’s bar” because he is one of the founders and has been known to make appearances in the neighborhood. Along with Justin TimberlakeEytan Sugarman, and Trace Ayalaco-own the restaurant as well that also just recently opened another location in Hell’s Kitchen. The Upper East Side is located between 76th and 77th street on Second Avenue, but is one place I hadn’t made it to yet.

At brunch I decided what better thing to get at a southern restaurant than biscuits and gravy with cheddar grits. I have to say it was a satisfying decision.

I definitely think I’m a fan of grits in general and the cheddar grits were the perfect addition to my main course. The biscuits and gravy were cooked perfectly with large pieces of sausage mixed into the gravy. Top the meal off with some over-easy eggs and you have yourself a nice start to the morning. I’d would suggest their food to anyone looking for a little taste of the south. Where else can you watch fishing on the tvs in the city while eating brunch?