Who Has a New Apartment, THIS Girl!

It’s official! I found a new apartment and I’m so excited to tell you about it!

If you’ve been following my blog you may remember that I got word in the spring that I have to move out of my cute little apartment. The whole situation has been such a bummer and I’ve been really stressing hard about what kind of apartment I was going to be able to get (since I seriously lucked out with my current place). I’m happy to say I can put all of those worries behind me now though because I found the perfect little replacement!

My landlord worked out a deal with me so that I didn’t have to pay rent my last two months, so technically I didn’t really have to find a place until the end of next month. So in the meantime, I’ve just been casually browsing online. I’ve contacted a few brokers about listing and went to one open house but I hadn’t found anything that great yet. That is until a listing for an apartment on the UES with a balcony caught my eye! Now if there’s one thing I’ve learned about apartment hunting from my last two experiences, it is that a lot of listing photos are either not the real apartments or total bait and switch ploys. The listing broker had 19 positive reviews on NakedApartments.com so I figured I’d at least set up an appointment. And that I did!

The next evening, I headed over to meet with the broker. Most brokers don’t tell you the address or apartment number until you meet with them to avoid you trying to get around them to avoid the broker’s fee. So while I had the address, it wasn’t until I arrived at the building that the broker told me the apartment was on the 5th floor… of a walkup. Dun, dun, dun. Nooooo, this was not a good start. I’ve lived on two 4th floor walkups and vowed my next apartment wouldn’t be above the 3rd floor.

Oh well, I told myself, worst case it will take me apx. 2 mins to see the apartment and I wasn’t on a time deadline to find a place immediately so it wasn’t that much time wasted.

Then the broker opened the door and I walked into the sun-filled apartment. Crap, it was bigger than I thought it was (which I was expecting very small)… Oohhh door to the balcony… Woh, the balcony is a decent size! Back into the apartment… wow, stainless steel appliances… a dishwasher?!! Wait, 3 closets? Dang it. I actually really liked this place. For the next few minutes I battled through my objections about the 5th floor walk-up and then decided I could totally live with it if I could have the balcony.

The broker then told me there was also a similar unit on the 2nd floor for $55 more than the unit I was in. So I vowed to go take a look. The unit was the exact same size as the first unit, with a slightly different kitchen layout. It was totally cute, and that $55 extra a month would probably be worth not having to go up 2 extra flights of stairs, but after we finished touring the building I actually decided the 5th floor unit was the one for me. What?!? I know I even surprised myself with that one.. but the price was right within my budget and since it is on the top floor it has a cute little view from the balcony. 

10 minutes later, I was at the bank getting my application fee/application deposit and filling out my application. 24 hours later, I’d been approved, met with the landlord to introduce her to Scooter for his doggie interview to get approved (Yes, this really happened to make sure he indeed was a small dog). And then by the weekend I signed my lease! WOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

So here is your first little look at my new place come August!

The building is equipped with a video intercom system. So not only can I buzz people in but I can see who it is too! Upgrade from my current building whose buzzer doesn’t even work. 

This is about 2/3rds of the living space. It’s not a huge place, probably in the 300+ sq ft range, but compared to some of the studios I’ve seen in the past it’s a decent size!

Here’s a look at about half of the patio balcony! Did I say how EXCITED I am for the balcony?!?? OUTDOOR SPACE!!!! If you want to know how excited I am about the balcony just ask Chris. He hasn’t heard me stop talking about my plans for it since I saw the apartment! :-p

Here’s a look at the smallest closet of the 3. Something I was really worried about in the possibility of downsizing was the closet space. I have 3 closets right now and let’s just say having 3 closets in a studio in my price range is not a common thing!

Here’s a look at the right side of the kitchen. They’re putting in a new oven that will match the stainless steel to the right of the sink. Please take a moment and look at that beautiful dishwasher. I’M COMING BACK TO THE 21st CENTURY!

To the left of the kitchen is the fridge, some cabinets and counter space. There’s a little bar on the other side of the kitchen — perfect for my two barstools. I love that there is exposed brick (even if it’s painted) in the kitchen too. Love that feature!

And then there is the bathroom! It’s not huge, but it’s functional and well kept.

I should also mention the building has laundry in the basement — which will be very nice to have again!

I know I’m still going to be a little sad to leave my current apartment, and I will be moving into a slightly smaller space for more money.. but I will say I think I really lucked out on this one. I think all of the upgrades to the apartment, building, and the area are going to be a really nice change!