Happy 4th!

I hope you all had a nice 4th of July weekend! I had a great time relaxing with some friends in Brooklyn for the holiday followed by a Long Island trip and a brunch adventure!

I’m not sure Scooter was that excited about our matching outfits, but I couldn’t resist!

We didn’t get that lucky with the weather on the 4th this year, so we had to bring our BBQ feast inside, but we still had a lot of fun. Scooter loved coming along for the action too.

The fireworks took place on the East River this year, for the first time since I’ve lived here. We headed to the roof to try and catch some of the fireworks, but weren’t able to see them as good as we thought we might be able to. We got a good look at about the top 30%, but hey, that’s what the rewind button is for on the TV! After catching some of the show in person we headed back instead and caught the show on TV before winding down the night. 

The next day, we headed back to Williamsburg to head out to Long Island with the same group of friends out to Chris’ parents’ house.

Scoots got to come along for that trip too (little spoiled guy!)

The weather on the 4th might not have been the best, but it certainly made up for it on the 5th! It really was the perfect weather for a family and friends BBQ! After nearly 4 years of dating, we finally had a pool day! I’ve been talking about dragging Scoots into the pool for years too and the day finally came…

I’ve always wondered if the little guy could swim and walah… it turns out he indeed can! lol

Although he got out of the pool as fast as he could so I’m not sure he totally loved it. It made for some good entertainment though!

After a nice day out on Long Island we headed back into Manhattan for the remainder of the weekend. On Sunday we headed out to brunch at Parlor Steakhouse. It’s a spot in the neighborhood we’ve been wanting to check out, so we finally made it!

I ordered their Brioche French Toast and it was the perfect combination of soft and buttery on the inside with nice toasted edges. A great way to kick-off the day!

Chris ordered their Steak and Eggs — with the steak barely dead of course. Just the way he likes it. 

it was a really nice spot for brunch and they also have a nice prix fixe option, for those who enjoy a mimosa or two! Definitely worth adding to your brunch list for the UES!

And that’s a wrap! Such a nice 3-day weekend :)