Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was quite the collection of celebrations! We started the weekend off early on Thursday evening by enjoying some delicious desserts at Serendipity 3. Let’s leave out the fact that the desserts were actually my treat as a result of losing a bet… haha. The boys have gotten me into doing March Madness brackets the last two seasons for college basketball and Chris and I usually make a bet over something delicious. Last year, my bracket won and I was treated to some frozen yogurt, but this year my bracket wasn’t as lucky. I’ll still count it as a kick-off to the celebration weekend though since I still got to enjoy all of the deliciousness they offer!

By Friday night, we were off to celebrate one of our friend’s Birthdays down in the East Village. It was the first night going out this year that I didn’t have to wear a coat out, gasp! It’s only April, but the weather forecast has been in the high 70’s all weekend with a forecasted 85 for Monday. We ended up having a really great night out catching up with a bunch of our friends and then ended up catching with a couple of other friends after taking a detour on the way home. It is pretty remarkable the characters you can meet in NYC at 2 in the morning. This time, we ended up meeting up at a bar in Midtown that had about 10 people there, but the most amazing cover band! I’m talking great! One of the girls sang Adele followed by Janis Joplin. As if those two weren’t awesome enough then one of the guys broke out in some old-school Biggie. It was pretty remarkable and the band had all 10 of us pretty into their tunes.

By Saturday we were off for another celebration, a baptism party! One of Chris’ friends new baby was baptized this weekend! So we ventured up to Harlem where his friend lives. On our way up there it was pretty crazy too because we passed this group of guys on four-wheelers and dirt-bikes driving up and down the streets doing wheelies.. only in Harlem will you see that in NYC! Shortly after they made a couple of rounds up and down the cops were on their way to chase them down though.

It was such a fun get-together and wonderful to meet little baby Sophia. She’s adorable! Their new apartment is amazing too! I will admit I am slightly, meh very, jealous of their 2 bedroom with a full finished basement and backyard with grass. YES, grass in a New York apartment backyard. It was a really great time and they had the party catered by Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, which has been grilling up rocking BBQ in Harlem since pre-Anna days in 1988. As soon as the boys found out they were catering the party their mouths were watering, and I soon found out why. Just check out their homepage photo on their website and you will soon know why too!

To close up the night I headed back downtown to have a girl’s night with some of my friends. We were WAY over due for a girl’s night.. so it was a lot of fun to get together. One of our friends just got into a teaching training program and is leaving the advertising world this summer to pursue her ambitions too so it was really exciting to hear all about the program and everything.

By Sunday, I’m not going to lie I was pretty tired! A day spent relaxing and watching tv and some sports games were just what the doctor ordered. Now it’s off to bed for me to get a little rest before another event-packed week to come!