Hop, Hop, Hop Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! It was a beautiful spring weekend in the city. We even made our first trip to lay out in the sun on the Great Lawn in Central Park. I must say it was so nice to ditch the tights and pull out my wedge sandals! I even got started on switching out my closet to my spring clothes. Yes, that is what us New Yorkers with small closets have to do, change out our clothes my season!

For Easter I headed out to Long Island with the Felicetta crew to celebrate. Before heading to the island we stopped in Williamsburg to meet up with Chris’ brother who recently just bought a car. YES! A real car. It seems silly to get so excited to drive in a car, but so is the city life. Here are a couple of snapshots I took in Brooklyn before heading to their family get-together.

                                Yes, that is a tie-dyed bagel for Easter!

The only thing I forgot to take photos of were the dessert we made for the get-together! We used a recipe I found on Pinterest to create dessert bars that consisted of chocolate chip cookies on the bottom, a layer of oreos followed by dulce de leche and topped with a layer of chocolate brownies. All I can say is NOMS! It was a hit and we had a wonderful time out on the island! Hope you all had nice days as well :)