UWS Adventures

I have a friend visiting from Portland this week, so while I’m out and about I have some back-posts for you!

My summer adventures were seriously lacking this summer, so I’m trying to make up for lost time before the cold weather hits us hard. 

One of my favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan is the Upper West Side. I work in the area, so I generally don’t get over there much during the weekend, but made it a point to for this adventure. 

We started out by checking out Magnolia Bakery. There’s several locations throughout the city, but surprisingly I’d never actually been to one. We decided to pop in and pick up an ice cream sandwich to split — had to fuel up!

From there we headed towards Lincoln Center to hang out before the crazy of Fashion Week took over the beautiful space. One of my favorite sites was this cafe that had a slanted roof with grass on top. Grass that you can actually go up on and hang out on! Crazy right?

After Lincoln Center we headed to the Hudson River waterfront. Something a little different than our usual Central Park!

Along our walk we stumbled onto a Kite Festival! So cool!

Here’s a look at the skyline along the river. I see one Trump building.. two Trump buildings.. three.. four.. five. It’s kind of like counting sheep!

We wrapped up our adventure back on the Upper West Side with some dinner and yummy desserts from a new place called Treat House, which serves gourmet rice krispies! Yum!