There is a new name in frozen yogurt on the Upper East Side these days. 16 Handles appeared on Second Avenue and has already won me over.. Why? Let me start by their 16 different varieties of frozen yogurt including NY cheesecake (fat-free might I add), Pistachio, Peanutbutter, and Cookies and Cream. Not only do they have 16 flavors, but you can ultimately have as many different kinds as you’d like because it is self-serve! Do I have you intrigued yet? It gets better. So after you have selected your fro-yo (Cookies and Cream with NY Cheesecake pictured) you get to top on your own selections of toppings. They have just about everything covered! I grabbed some cheesecake bites, cookie crumbs, cookie dough, and cherries to finish my treat off.

I’m all about personalization and it doesn’t get any better in treat personalization that 16 handles. The pricing goes by weight and surprising to me, the prices are very reasonable. In my experience, food that goes by weight ends up adding up pretty quickly, but I got a generous amount with toppings for a little over $4. Not bad I’d say!