I’m starting to think someone got the full moon wrong on the calendar for this month after Thursday night’s dinner! Seriously, I think Wednesday was definitely a typo.

Chris and I decided to meet up after work to check out a place he wanted to go to for dinner called Pig Heaven. His brother heard about it on the news and it’s in our neighborhood so it was definitely something that needed to be checked out. 

We got dinner a little early for New York standards so there were only a couple tables that were being used in the restaurant when we got there. After checking out the menu I decided on Sesame Chicken and Chris decided to give their ribs a shot. We got dumplings as an appetizers and had started eating them as the scene that was going to take place momentarily took its course. 

We were at a corner table and the hostess sat a scraggly looking women at the table right next to ours. My seat was facing her table so I got a good look at her. She sat down and fiddled with one of her two cell phones sitting on the table before she was served a martini. You see strange things and people in New York on a daily basis that you would think you’d start to become desensitised to the strangeness, but human behavior has always been a fascination of mine so I’ve only become more observant of it. 

Something seemed out of place about the woman, but I was so hungry and focused on our dumplings that I let it slip my mind. That is before her daughter rolled into the restaurant like a train wreck. She was another scraggly looking woman. She had bleached blonde hair with very grown out dark roots and she looked as though she was not completely together. She sat down at the table yelling about some necklace she got for free at some store. I soon figured out that they were a mother daughter pair and the mom tried to get her daughter to speak quieter after she had drawn the attention of everyone at the restaurant. 

What happened next still blows my mind. The mom had ordered noodles with some kind of peanut sauce for the daughter and after looking at the dish the daughter demanded it be sent back because the sauce had been made spicy instead of mild. The waitress returned to the table with a new bowl of the dish and the daughter took one look at it before also demanding a new one because the presentation was not as good as the first one. She then started screaming at her mom, “How could you do this to me?” in reference to the dish and on the verge of a breakdown she started crying at the table still screaming. By this time Chris and I were looking at each other in disbelief. Was this really happening? 

What was even weirder to me was the mom kept saying, “Make them how we like them” as if she was a regular there. The madness continued and Chris looked me in the eye a couple of times asking if this was for real or if we were on some kind of reality show. It was THAT crazy. The restaurant manager came over to the table to try and calm the daughter down about the meal, but didn’t ask them to leave or anything. Again, I think this had to do with the Mom being a regular? I’m not entirely sure. All I can tell you is she was screaming the whole time! It’s a shame too because the food was great! The sesame chicken was one of the best I’ve had and Chris’ ribs were cooked perfectly with a delicious Chinese BBQ sauce.

No producers or cameras showed up on the scene though so I’m going to have to say we weren’t on any reality show but the scene was literally straight out of a MTV’s boiling points episode or What would you do. I think we might just have to add them to the take-out restaurant list and not dine-in after that experience.

Chris has caught the 16 Handles bug as well and wanted to stop by there on the way home from dinner too. I was too full to get any, but there will definitely be repeated trips there in my near future.

To wrap up our interesting evening we passed Tom Selleck walking down Second Avenue! I’m telling you, it was a full moon kind of night.