Something I’ve been playing with the idea for awhile now has been joining a gym here in NYC. I get my fair share of walking and stairs in every day, but thought I’d enjoy being able to take different work-out classes especially in the dead of winter right now where I am minimizing walking outside as much as possible.

So I decided to try out New York Sports Club (NYSC) because they have locations all over the city, a great class selection, and are one of the more reasonably priced gyms in the city. One of the girls at work decided to try it out as well and found out they were having a special that knocked off the initiation fee of joining with 1 free month and then your trial fee applied to February. So, a pretty good deal! Especially because gyms get you in the initiation fees New York being no exception. Since I’m all about saving money too it was the best option to take advantage of the deal if I was serious about adding a workout regimen to my routine. It’s not a New Year’s resolution or anything.. just something I’d like to get back into a little now that I’m not working two jobs. So I joined!

My friend from work and I chose our first class for Wednesday night called Total Body Conditioning. Considering I haven’t been in a gym.. in.. well awhile, I was a little intimidated by the name alone, but decided to hit the ground running. When they say total body conditioning they are not messing around either! The class ended up being really great, but a lot of weight lifting which is something I never do. It was good because I never do it, but during the class I was just imagining the soreness that was going to result. No pain, no gain though right? 

It’s Sunday evening and I can finally stretch both of my arms straight again! The class definitely kicked my butt, worse than even I expected. Once I get back into it I should be good to go in a couple of weeks though! Or so I hope.. I’ll keep you posted.

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