Weekend Wrap-up: Aww, how I love the weekends! This weekend was set to be a good one too because my friend Adrienne from college moved to New York (officially NJ) last weekend! Woohoo, another duck in the city. We caught up for Shake Shack earlier in the week to catch up, but she was making a trip back in the city for the weekend to stay with us. 

Friday night after work we headed down to Soho to meet up with my roommate and one of her friends at Von for drinks. The atmosphere reminded me a lot of a Portland bar and it was a nice place to sit down and chat with friends. If you could get a seat that is! It was pretty hopping for the after-work scene. On our way back to the Upper East Side we stopped by at another bar that my friend Donna was at to say hi. The cold kept us from wanted to wander too much though and once we made it uptown and into my warm apartment there were no signs of leaving. Instead, we had a lower key evening watching some tv and went to bed at a decent hour. 

Saturday marked a day of a little shopping! I finally caved and opened a Chase bank account in the city because only have one Key bank location in the city has been difficult since there are so many places that are cash only here. Those atm fees can add up too! So it was time. After I opened accounts earlier this week I got something in the mail saying you could get $125 for opening a new bank account with Chase so I stopped by the one nearest me to see if that could apply to me since I just opened an account and sure enough it did. Woh hoh! So, we took a little trip down to Union Square and for once I actually got to buy a new outfit! It was awesome! I do kind of miss shopping every now and then.. so this cured my shopping bite. As you are probably wondering why I have a picture of a microwave.. I have exciting news! Adrienne and I took Scooter out for a walk and there was a microwave outside our building. Me, being me, I thought it was a good idea to drag it upstairs (Thank you Adrienne since I was still a cripple) and see if it worked! Sure enough it works perfectly fine and after a good cleaning our kitchen had made it back to the 21st century! YES!

Our microwave excitement couldn’t last all night though because we had plans to get ready for! Our night plan included heading down to Alphabet City to Ace Bar to meet up with some of Donna’s old friend’s from college. The bar was absolutely packed so we ended up meeting up with some of Adrienne’s friends (and fellow ducks) that just moved to the city Friday night! More ducks in the city is never a bad thing I would say! 

Sunday was all about football. Playoff games baby! Green Bay took down the Bears, but the game that really mattered was the Jets, Steeler game at 6:30. Unfortunately, it was another let-down like my ducks.. They put up a good fight in the second half, but not good enough. Bummer.. I’m going to have to root for the Packers though because the one NFL team I can’t stand is the Steelers.. Superbowl ‘06 flashbacks running through my head..

Aww, well despite a sad Sunday funday it was a great weekend. This week is going to be great too because.. dun, dun.. ALL OF MY SHOWS ARE BACK ON!!! Can you say Gossip Girl tomorrow night?! I’m beyond pumped!