Once arriving back into cold and snowy New York it was back to business on the home front. First order of business was to make amends with the number one boy in my life, little Scooter! I missed the little doggie while I was on my trip!

Once I made it back to the apartment from the airport Scooter didn’t seem all that interested in seeing me though. Normally when I get home from work he gets so excited and runs around in circles and jumps up on my knees to welcome me. Not this time though, he looked up from his water bowl and back down to drink more water. I think the poor little guy thought I abandoned him. No worries though, we made amends by the end of the day. What is the key to any boy’s heart? Food. So after my Trader Joe’s trip once I got back Scooter remembered me quite well after I got him some doggie treats.

Before heading to Trader Joe’s, Donna and I stopped at Alice’s Tea Cup. They have a couple of locations throughout the city and we are lucky enough to have one close to us on the Upper East Side. Donna brought Chris and I a scone from there last month and they are to die for! This time I got one of the blackberry almond scones and one of their signatures teas. If you drop by make sure to ask for cream and preserves too! If you are near one, they are definitely worth taking a stop in. I’m not usually even a big scone kind of girl, but fresh whole berries cooked into the scones? You just can’t go wrong!

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