There are many reasons why I’m having a great time living in this city of lights and skyscrapers. Events, people, food, nightlife, and the views are definitely amongst my top 5. There’s another topic that I’ve been having a little bit of fun with lately though, and that is the eastern time zone! 

There are some times when living in a different time zone than most of your friends and family can be a bit annoying i.e. When your friends work until 3 in the morning your time and miss skype sessions or the times when you have exciting news to share in the morning, but your friends aren’t awake yet. Then there are the times it can be quite convenient like the times your Mom texts or calls you at 6 in the morning that is now 9 o’clock (Which can still be early on a weekend in New York time!). Since I left most of my life on the other side of the country communication between time zones is key and something I’m still working around a little bit.

There are some cool other things about living in a different time zone though! My newest favorite is what I like to call “news from the future.” I’ve been using the phrase more often lately mostly in reference to some of the tv shows I watch. I’ve trying my best to not be a complete spoiler, but I do enjoy getting to watch some of my favorite shows 3 hours before my west coast friends. So if Gossip Girl is especially good one week (as it usually is) it is now my duty to make sure my friends are either watching or have their tivos set up! Of course it doesn’t work for live tv shows, but it works well for all my series shows! Other things it comes in handy for? Work because I have 3 hours of work done before our Portland office and clients have even started the day. It’s also nice for Birthdays and holidays for being the first to wish happy holidays! New Years will be fabulous too, I will see 2011 before all of you west coast friends! Silly? Quite possibly, but then again it makes life more interesting.

So if you need a little peak into the future as I like to say, I’m your girl! Haha.