Thanksgiving might not even be until later this week, but the Christmas season began in New York the first week of November. I heard Christmas music in Old Navy and thought it was a joke.. but sure enough there is no waiting until after Thanksgiving to start getting in the holiday spirit in New York! I have a couple of friends on the west coast that would love this news more than others (you guys know who you are!). Anyways, lights are going up on the trees and on the penthouse suites! The wreaths are going up, window displays are being changed, and holiday music is in full swing. 

My photos are a peak at what has already been decorated, but you will definitely have to stay tuned for more photos! New York seems to do all of the holidays big so I can only imagine! Even for Halloween the store fronts and restaurants were decked out so I’m looking forward to seeing the transformation for Christmas! I must confess too, after seeing the decor my roommate and I may be guilty of walking down the street singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Yes, this really happened. Which, we had a conflict on the lyrics at the end. I’ve always sang, you’ll go down in history like Columbus! but my roommate seemed to think it was down in history like George Washington. Thoughts?