It’s the middle of November and fall is well underway in the city! I can’t complain about our days of beautiful blue skies and sunshine with a tad bit of cold in the air. Our cold of the upper 40’s and 50’s definitely doesn’t compare to the touch of an early winter a lot of my friends and family are experiencing right now though! So for those of you reading from snow-covered grounds here is your escape back a season to fall for the next couple of minutes!

We decided to explore the park before all of the leaves had fallen off the trees and the view was very pretty! Check out the photos from above. All shades of yellow, orange and red filled the trees, which in the reflection of the water looked picture-perfect. I could spend hours in Central Park and not get sick of the scenery. While we were in the park we saw two different wedding parties taking their photos, and a couple of other photoshoots. Iconic, and alluring to New Yorkers and tourists alike. 

While walking through the park we also ran into the ice skating rink that is already open, so hopefully there will be an ice skating post coming soon!