Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Since I am in New York this year I decided what better way to get in the holiday spirit than to check out the Macy’s Day Parade balloons getting blown up! You will see the balloons in my first set of photos. It was quite the adventure making it over to the balloons. I’m finding whenever something big is going on in the city transportation becomes a bit of an issue. The balloons were being blown up on Central Park West, which is normally just a quick ride on the 79x bus crosstown. It ended up being a bit of a longer ride going down 86th street and finally across the park. A trip I would have not minded walking across, but since it was dark I decided it wasn’t the safest idea to walk across the park.

Once I made it to the other side of the park it was pure madness! Herds and herds of people, followed by street barricades and probably every cop in the city. Not that I was completely surprised by this (I do live in NY now!) but it was just a snippet of how many people go to the actual parade. Once I weaved my way through the crowds I finally made it. Aw! Faced with a line-up of all of the Macy’s Day Parade balloons some of my favorites that I have grown up watching on the couch every Thanksgiving. It was a pretty cool experience seeing them in person so I am really glad I went!

After going, I did decide I wasn’t going to battle the crowds at the parade though.. After our attempt at going to the Halloween parade and being stacked behind a 50 person deep crowd and not seeing anything.. I decided I would rather have front row seats from my couch with my little doggie. So that is what I did! Slept in, watched the parade coast to coast with Little Duck, chatted with my Mom and Angers, and got busy in the kitchen! Thank you for all of your advice on Thanksgiving cooking! I am happy to report that I didn’t catch my apartment on fire and after a long wait, my turkey turned out fabulous! Dare I say, the best and juiciest turkey I think I’ve ever had?! Yes, I said it. Not bad for a first try! Of course it was my Mom and Kathy’s tips that realllllyyyy made it happen though! So thank you both :)

While I was waiting for my turkey to turn brown and delicious I got to relax a little, watch a good dose of football, come up with some apartment makeover ideas (more details to come later!) and start out the evening with Taylor’s concert special. I’d say that is a pretty good day with some great little company Scooter! See the final picture as a happy thanksgiving from both of us! :)


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