Sunshine and Outdoor Seating

Something I love about the weather being nice is all of the outdoor seating! Of course this isn’t something unique to New York, but there is quite a bit of outdoor seating. I think I like it more than anything because everyone in the city has come out of their winter hibernations and are out and about again! It’s such a refreshing feeling after such a rough winter where walking more than a block outside made you reconsider your plans. In the last week or two we’ve eaten out at a couple great places. Outside of course!

Wicker Park- If you’re in the mood for some chicken strips on the Upper East Side theirs are great! Their honey mustard sauce is fantastic too, and I should know being a condiment fanatic.

Johnny Foxes- Another place on the Upper East Side to check out! We went for brunch and it was delicious and reasonably priced. Better yet, they offer two free drinks each with brunch! We just ordered orange juice, but this even included their mimosas and bloody marys, which could be worth more than the cost of food in itself

Uva- Mmmm that is what there is to say about Uva! Handmade pasta and some of the best Italian I’ve had in the city. My friend Donna talked me in to splitting polenta with some kind of cream sauce as an appetizer too and it was incredible! 

No matter where you choose to eat, if you get a chance take advantage of the nice weather and grab a seat outside!