Feeling a Little Rebellious? Crash a Columbia Reunion!

Last Saturday night started out as any typical weekend night. We planned on staying around the Upper East Side and meeting up with a couple of friends around 9 p.m. What I thought was going to be a pretty low-key evening took a turn for something a little more exciting when Chris asked if we wanted to go to his friend’s 10 year reunion at Columbia University. My friend and I were definitely not dressed up enough to attend any sort of reunion, but once we were told there were free drinks we were sold. He knows our soft spot for anything free I guess! Plus, I’ve never been up to check out Columbia and had heard the campus was pretty beautiful so this was our shot to check a little of it out.

When we showed up our suspicions of being under-dressed were confirmed with formal attire. No one seemed to mind too much though as we hung out and jammed to 90’s tunes with the live band. Of what I saw of the campus it was beautiful! I’ve always loved exploring college campuses so it was nice to get a sneak peak at Columbia for the night. On our way back from the bathroom I did a little exploring and came across the Columbia lion statue that I had to take a picture with of course! 

Following the reunion we walked down the street to Koronet Pizzeria to grab a couple slices. I wasn’t hungry and passed, but everyone else got one, which ended up being the BIGGEST slice of pizza I have ever seen. This picture is taken on a standard size tray you’d see at a restaurant.