Bowling Baby!

I’ve had an itch to go bowling since moving to the city. I used to go all the time in Portland with friends because it was a cheap form of entertainment for the weekend. Cheap in the city? As you may guess, not so much.. In fact it’s kind of an expensive activity here. Instead of the $15 we paid for shoes/lane/2hours of bowling in Portland is pushing $40-50 here. Bummer right?! 

When my boss decided to plan a bowling surprise party for her husband you can bet that I was jumping for joy! After the month of planning the day had finally come this weekend! WOH HOH! We went to Frames bowling at Port Authority and I guess I understand why it’s a little pricier here. It was pretty darn nice! The whole alley was lined with big screened tvs with dim lighting and couches to sit on. It kind of reminded me of the really nice bowling alley they put in at South Center a couple of years ago by the mall. It ended up being such a fun time! Andre was surprised, everyone got along well, anddddd the best part?! I won both games on my lane! Oh yes! Had to make my Portland counterparts proud :)