Southern Adventures :: Savannah

I’m so excited to share my trip to Savannah with you! Last weekend I headed south for some much needed best friend time and some sunshine!

On our first day, we ventured to downtown Savannah first walking through a adorable farmer’s market and into a picturesque park.

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) campus has buildings all over downtown and we went and checked out their ShopSCAD store that sells work the students have made. There was some really impressive stuff! I found most of it more interesting than the pieces at the MoMA! It was also at this store that I heard my first “y’all”! So cute, I absolutely love it.

Everything about downtown Savannah could be put on a postcard. It’s such an adorable city with a lot of southern charm.

We continued walking through downtown until we got to the river, which is called River Street. There we were welcomed with more adorable stores and a beautiful scenic walk along the river.

This seemed to be a culture center for events, plus there are a lot of bars and restaurants down there so it’s also great for nightlife.

After adventuring downtown, we visited quite possibly the cutest little bakery I’ve ever been to called Back in the Day Bakery. I’m obsessed with the decor in this place! Their blueberry sticky buns were pretty delicious too :).

There are some things that have to be done when you’re in the south… and drinking sweet tea is definitely on that list! Lucky for me, my first southern sweet tea experience took place at the Green Truck Pub. The restaurant is a neighborhood hotspot and the food was so delicious. Definitely worth our little wait. Wait in the SUNSHINE I might add! I even got a little color on my face.

I got really lucky on this trip because I have to brag a little.. I had the best tour guides! Danielle and Daniel made sure I got to check out some of the highlights of their new city and the beach was definitely worth a visit! Tybee Island was a short 20 or 30 minute drive from Savannah and was so nice! The drive there was beautiful too. Beautiful is officially my over-used word in this post, but that is really the best way to describe the scenery. The area is surrounded by marshlands, which look so pretty with the sun shining down on them. Wide open spaces!!! Woh, I’ve always appreciated nature, but you appreciate it 1000 times more when you don’t get to see it every day.

A kind of cool and funky thing about the area is it is legal to drink in public. No open container violations there! Normally I wouldn’t think much of this, but it ended up being pretty cool because we were able to buy a drink and walk along the beach. How cool, right?! Even better, we got our drinks at Wet Willie’s, which was so awesome! What’s better than delicious slurpies? Alcoholic slurpies! That is just what Wet Willie’s has and they were great! Pretty strong, but it was a nice treat for our walk on the beach.

It was so funny while I was in Georgia because everyone kept talking about how cold it was. Even the weatherman said, “it’s going to be a chilly one out there today!” when it was upper 50’s low 60’s. Meanwhile, coming from Antarctica I was like 60 degrees?! Where’s my bikini it feels like summer! Note, the beach is next to empty.

Another thing we did on my visit was go fishing on the marina! We went to visit some of Daniel’s family in another part of Savannah and they let us borrow their fishing gear! Which was awesome! I can’t remember the last time I went fishing (hence forgetting how to cast) but it was a lot of fun. 

We didn’t end up catching anything, but I could have sat on the docks all day taking in the marina air and watching the wild boars across the water in the marsh. 

Now if you know me well enough you know it wouldn’t be an Anna blog post without some shots of the food we ate! Of course! Below is a shot of my southern style burger complete with pimento cheese (this was all over the menus) and a fried green tomato. YUM!

We also got our grub on for the Super Bowl and below is a shot of the nachos Daniel made. They were too pretty not to take a picture!

and last but not least… a shot of my first Chick-fil-A meal. I have a lot of friends in the city that grew up in the south that always talk about Chick-fil-A so of course I had to check it out for myself. As good as they say? Absolutely! It was pretty grubbing!

All and all, I had such a wonderful visit in Savannah. The city was adorable, the people couldn’t have been nicer, the food was delicious, and I don’t think I would ever get sick of listening to southern accents and “y’alls”. It’s definitely making my list of recommended places to visit! 

I leave you with this picture of Danielle and Daniel’s cat Milo. Don’t let his cuteness fool you.. he was plotting my demise my whole visit! LOL