New York's Best

What are two of my favorite things? Cheese and cannolis, of course! So I decided my perfect day would include both of these. And not just any cheese or cannoli.. two of New York’s so called “best” places to get both of these. Let me first introduce you to the Melt Shop. They’ve been named repeatedly New York’s best place for a grilled cheese and even a top location among the U.S.. Is it really worth the hype on their press page though? I was on my way to find out. 

The Melt Shop is located just off of the 51st street subway station if you were transferring from the east side headed to Penn Station. It’s not exactly a prime location to visit on the weekend, but I can imagine it is pretty busy during the week being surrounded by huge office buildings. 

In between the office buildings, you step down stairs passing a fountain and then to your left you will see the Melt Shop!

There isn’t any seating, or even an entrance for the shop. Instead, it is similar to a food cart in that you go up to the window and order. Although, rumor has it they will be opening another location in the Chelsea area soon with 20 seats. Aside from the venue, let’s talk about the menu, which makes my mouth water just looking at it.

I might have to make it one of my missions to try each of their sandwiches on the menu. For this trip, I decided to try their Truffle Melt, because I have yet to try something with truffle oil that I didn’t just like, but LOVE!

I’m happy to say their Truffle Melt was not to disappoint in the category of truffle oil! I opted for the combo with my sandwich and enjoyed their tots with their homemade dipping sauce. Mmmm mmmmm. That’s all I can say. After looking at these pictures I think I already need to plan my next trip back. Was the hype about having the best grilled cheese in New York accurate? Absolutely, worth the hype! Go, go, go to the Melt Shop!

After completing lunch, I headed down south in toward another “New York’s Best”. This time to Caffe Palermo in Little Italy. After lunch at the Melt Shop, the last thing I needed was dessert, but I figured it would be a nice treat for later. I ended up getting one of each flavor in their minis, chocolate, vanilla, and peanut butter.

A few hours after lunch, I was ready to try my a cannoli!

They were definitely delicious, but I must say they were just classic cannolis.. nothing out of the ordinary. You can bet that they won’t let you forget that they got voted #1 cannoli in the city though! The marketing materials are everywherreeeee. Which is something I think you generally have to be careful about. I tend to like divey, hole-in-the-wall locations that are hidden gems and this was quite the opposite. So if you are planning a visit save your money on these over-priced cannolis and head into any bakery or italian restaurant and you will find something just as good!