Merry and Bright :: Day 6

…And just like that we were onto my parents last full day in the city, before their early wake-up call and travels back to Washington on the next day.

My parents started the day by taking a stroll through the park and by John Lennon’s old house and the Strawberry Fields memorial.

After they hit up the park, I met up with my parents at the Roosevelt Island tram. After taking a ride earlier this year, I thought it was something cool to take them on. Plus, it’s free!

From there we headed back to the financial district to visit the 9/11 Memorial.

The day we went down there was nice, but very windy! My parents were trying to take a few photos of the fountains and then they were getting showered on from the wind picking up some water.

I’ve been kind of torn on going down to the memorial because I know a lot of people who lost someone there, but I am glad to have at least gone. The location is still under construction, but the fountains are a nice site for remembrance.

After the memorial we went to Times Square for the obligatory visit and then ventured back to the Upper East where we closed out their trip by rooting on the Seahawks at a local bar.

I’m so thankful my parents were able to come visit and spend Christmas with me. I had so much fun showing them around and hope they did as well!