Headed to the Beach!

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In 3+ years, Chris and I have only somehow been on 2 trips together — both to Washington to visit my family. I usually use my vacation time to go home and he usually uses his for out-of-state boys trips or bachelor parties so unless it’s a weekend trip to visit his parents, we don’t get out of the city much together! Not to mention, it’s tough to get-away together because then I have to find someone to watch Scooter!

Despite the reasons, it was about time we planned a little getaway! I proposed the idea about a month ago and Chris suggested we rent a bungalow on Fire Island. He had rented several times with his buddies from this one guy and he just so happened to have a studio bungalow available for the weekend that was pet-friendly. DONE and DONE!

The trip to Ocean Bay Park on Fire Island from the Upper East Side took about 2 1/2 hours, but it wasn’t too bad! Scoots has gotten much better traveling in his bag — I think he understands he gets to go places when he hops in now. After a bus, subway, train, shuttle, and ferry ride though he started to get a little antsy, but hey we made it!

I got out of the office a little early for the holiday so we were able to get to the bungalow and walk along the beach for the evening.

Fire Island is a small island off of Long Island, and where we were was full of small beach towns. Aside from service vehicles, there weren’t any main roads other that for walking and biking and the whole diameter of the island couldn’t be more than a few city blocks wide. Giving you views of the bay if you look in one direction and the ocean on the other. 

Our bungalow was located in Ocean Bay Park, but over the weekend we took several walks around the island through the other nearby towns of Seaview and Ocean Beach

It may have only been a few hours outside of the city, but it easily felt worlds apart. Instead of taxing whisking by you in the city, we passed lots of wagons. Near the ferry docks, there were areas for residents to lock up their wagons. Since there aren’t really cars, this is how people pack things from the mainland to their beach houses. Having a wagon never seemed so cool to me before!

We spent a lot of time in Ocean Beach checking out the views, shops and of course the restaurants!

Of course I had to give the local drink of choice, a Rocket Fuel a try during our visit. Basically, it’s a pina-colada made with 151 and amaretto. I only had one, but I can certainly see how they might get you in trouble!

What would an Anna and Chris adventure be without some delicious food too? Since we were on a little getaway we decided to treat ourselves with some fancy dinner choices including steak and I even tried my first order of mahi-mahi over the weekend {totally delicious btw}.

Fire Island has quite the reputation of being a “party island” so we definitely saw our share of interesting people over the weekend! That’s for sure! They made for good entertainment though and everyone seemed very friendly for the most part. We ended up hanging out with some of our neighbors to the bungalow, a lot of which actually live on the Upper East Side currently and two who turned out to be from a town near my hometown in Washington. Such a small world!

We capped out the weekend by celebrating Scooter’s 11th Birthday {Boo Boo is getting old!} and a visit from Chris’ family on Monday. 

Spending time on the beach followed by a BBQ on our porch was the perfect end to the weekend! Until next time Fire Island!