Mama Duck Saw Day 4...

Monday, and we were off for another very New York experience. Brunch! We headed down to Low Country (a place I went earlier this year) for some southern grub, a Bell-ini, and a spicy Bloody Maria! Once we were full of energy and ready to go we headed downtown to ground zero. The Freedom tower has made a lot of progress since my mom’s last visit. Although it is still expected to open in 2013.

From there, we poked our heads into Century 21, which is kind of like a really big Marshalls, to see if we could find any fabulous purses. Let me tell you something about Century 21.. It’s huge! It’s also a huge tourist trap.. so I try and avoid it unless I am on a search for a good deal and know exactly where to go. In this matter, I knew where to go :). We didn’t find anything that was fabulous, or that had a fabulous enough price to buy.. but it was still a fun time. 

For the evening, we were headed back uptown for some home-cooking. Yeah, home-cooking Anna style! I have gotten a little better at cooking since moving here.. really I have! My go-to meal, that I personally think is rocking, is sloppy joes and strawberry shortcake for dessert. I’m telling you, if I can cook one thing, this meal is it :) So after a trip to the grocery store I was onto cooking for Mama Duck with a little assistance (whipped cream and chopping) from Chris. I like to think Mama Duck was impressed with my promotion from only cooking mac and cheese too!