Mama Duck Conquered.. The End...

And just like that.. the long weekend was quickly over and I was headed back to work and Mama Duck was off to fend for herself in the city. Mama Duck is becoming a pro now though so I wasn’t too worried. It was kind of a bummer too because it rained ALL day.. We really lucked out with the weekend. She still had time to venture down to the Statue of Liberty and Wall Street before I was ready to get off work. 

Our plan was to grab dinner and head downtown to the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center. We made it to the first half… With our umbrellas in-hand we ventured to Uva, another one of my favorite Italian places on the Upper East Side. Trust me, I did NOT disappoint with food options for this trip! By the time we made it to the restaurant we were soaked.. dinner was fabulous. I got a pasta dish and my mom got prosciutto wrapped scallops. It took us a bit to decide.. but that is what happens when the menu is half in Italian! That, and the fact that my mom was trying to pick a wine to try without ordering the $1,700 top ticket on the menu. We did discover it was for the bottle, but didn’t want to make that mistake ;-)

After dinner we were still determined to make it to the Top of the Rock. The weather was still crumby, but maybe no one would be up there! Well, no one was up there.. but they also told us you couldn’t see anything because of the cloud cover. So that was a bummer. We decided to continue to walk downtown though so my Mom could at least get some photos of, her favorite, the Empire State Building. We may have had to wait awhile for the clouds to pass to get a decent picture… and the fact that the first 15 minutes my mom was taking pictures they didn’t actually save… but by the end of the night she had her picture!

Sadly, this was marking the end of my mom’s trip to the big apple… we were headed back uptown to get situated for my mom’s departure the next day. Goodbyes never really get any easier.. but I’m really looking forward to being home for Christmas! See you in a couple of months Washington!

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